Locking & Security

BCM GRC Ltd, in consultation with leading Network Rail design teams were tasked with overcoming known issues with troughing systems from all manufacturers and materials, during this period it was identified that cable theft and lid loss due to vandalism were a major concern.

BCM GRC Cover Fastener
The unique BCM cover fastener is designed to alleviate some of the issues and once installed the lid cannot be removed without the correct tools . The design of the BCM cover fastener will also remove the danger of lid loss due to the expansion of high voltage power cables another major issue that BCM GRC and Network Rail have identified and overcome.
The fastener is easily fitted at the same time as the lids are installed without any reduction in channel capacity. It can be supplied with security bolts if necessary or standard bolts for ease of access for maintenance staff.
The fastener is approved for both S&T and E&P installations.

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elevated troughing system