Ballast Boards

17kg per Ballast Board- need we say more!

The rail industry is at the forefront of best practice for health and safety and manual handling, the use of  alternatives to heavy concrete products where available are encouraged by Network Rail and ballast boards are a good example of the advantages of BCM GRC Ltd products.

One fifth of the weight of concrete , BCM ballast boards can be easily handled by one man whilst achieving good strength to weight ratios. The lightness of the product aids in placing the product, transporting them and also in providing a very cost effective system.

Identical in size to traditional concrete ballast boards at 1830mm long by 300mm high they can be used as a replacement or for new installations.

Stocked in packs of 50 per pallet these are perfect for trackside installations.

BCM GRC Ltd can also supply associated support stakes and posts where required.