Now Tier 1 Supplier to Network Rail

BCM GRC Ltd are now a Tier 1 supplier to Network Rail under Agreement No: 5847/01/386

BCM GRC Ltd have been supplying Network Rail and London Underground with troughing for signalling, communications and power for over 20 years and during this time have worked in conjunction with rail industry design engineers to develop the current fully approved system. The BCM GRC Ltd cable channel system includes all the channels, lids, stakes, brackets and accessories that are required on a modern railway network.

During the period 2009 to 2011 BCM GRC Ltd worked alongside senior Network Rail personnel to comprehensively upgrade our elevated systems overcoming issues that have been affecting E&P and S&T for a number of years. Issues such as finger trapping, lid “popping” and troughes dropping between posts where all discussed and dealt with.

This extensive upgrade has seen the BCM GRC Ltd system gain widespread acceptance by those who have used it.

In addition to offering a product that is easily installed and maintained, GRC is a material which has distinct advantages over other materials.

 These include:
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – 20% of the weight of pre cast concrete
  • ECONOMICAL – Most cost effective product on the market
  • LONGER LENGTHS – easier and quicker to install than concrete
  • STRONGER – no breakages, use of alkali resistant fibres ensuring stronger mixes with good long term lifespans
  • WORKABLE with standard hand tools
  • FIRE RESISTANT – Network Rail and LUL approved
  • BESPOKE PRODUCTS – available
  • EASY ACCESS to difficult locations
  • NON TOXIC – environmentally friendly
  • RUST AND ROT PROOF lifetime guarantee
  • SHATTER PROOF -no broken lids when dropped
  • FULLY LOCKABLE LIDS – vandal resistant
  • CHEAPER TRANSPORT – more channels per pallet, more pallets per vehicle

All these benefits make GRC a quality product

Lightweight GRC

GRC is 1/5th the weight of pre cast concrete which means that C/1/43 GRC channel weighs 21kgs per linear metre whereas pre cast weighs 115kgs. Not only is GRC lighter but it has a high strength to weight ratio.

What does it mean to the installer?

  • FASTER unloading
  • FASTER delivery to site
  • FASTER stringing out
  • FASTER installation
  • No breakages

All within the Health & Safety At Work Act. GRC cable troughing can be installed quicker than pre cast concrete which can save you money.


GRC Ballast Boards– less than 20kg each

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BCM’s Channeling in Action

  • West Coast Route Modernisation
  • Norton Bridge Alliance
  • North Staffs Resignalling
  • Proof House Junction
  • Rugby Alliance
  • Watford to Bletchley Resignalling
  • Manchester South Resignalling
  • Route 7 Alliance
  • East Coast Main Line
  • West Anglia Route Modernisation
  • Dorset Coast Resignalling
  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link
  • Train Protection & Warning System
  • Bedford to Bletchley Resignalling
  • Clay Cross Tunnel
  • Wellington Resignalling
  • Fixed Telecom Network