Stormdrain Accessories

A range of accessories are available to complement your STORMDRAIN system:

 Siltpit/Manhole Unit



These universal units can be used as either a siltpit outlet unit or as a mid-run siltpit. All the channel entry holes are pre-cut in the factory, with a manhole adaptor added to the end of the channel, to ensure easy and accurate installation of the STORMDRAIN

They are designed to take a 600 x 600 cover & frame, which can be supplied separately



Access Ports

Access PortsThese are available in all STORMDRAIN channel sizes. They are manufactured as either mid-run access ports or end access ports with end caps included. The inclusion of a factory cut transition plate turns an access port into a transition unit.

300 x 300 cover and frame to suit are available separately.


Transition Units

 Transition Units



A factory manufactured unit that eliminates the need for manholes at a change of channel size and gives a clean internal joint allowing rodding or jetting from either direction.