High Capacity Line Drainage

Introducing STORMDRAIN, the high capacity line drainage system. Manufactured from “Long Fibre GRC” to incorporate greater strength to weight ratios and enhanced resistance to damage. STORMDRAIN’s high capacity allows the drainage channel to be laid level and aids the design of schemes that require attenuation. Using STORMDRAIN, longer channel runs, reduced underground pipe work and excavation can be achieved, reduce site costs.

STORMDRAIN offers “less cost and less time, every time” 

Other Benefits include:

  • Single unit gives a quick and simple installation
  • Stainless Steel Slotted top gives a neat appearance with no lids or gratings to install and maintain
  • Offers all the benefits of GRC including resistance to frost, chemical attack, and road salts
  • Full range of accessories including access ports, silt pits and transition units
  • Easily adapted to different load classes and surface finishes.

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